Fully Accredited High School
Anchored by Faith

A flexible, inexpensive, high school program for scholars seeking a faith-based education which promotes academic excellence.

Faith-based Curriculum


Years Experience

Qualified Mentors

Accredited HS Diploma


ScholarConnect fall enrollment is now open for all High School students. Fall course enrollment must be completed by August 19th, 2023. Start by creating an account on the LiftEd registration site, then enroll in your desired classes.

Scholar Connect Courses
$149-$244 /semester

Want an online experience that follows a traditional academic calendar?

ScholarConnect courses run by semester beginning in August and January, with homework due weekly. Course includes feedback, grading, and credit on your transcript.

Whether you are seeking to graduate from AHS Worldwide or supplement your public or homeschool education, ScholarConnect offers you fully accredited courses in all core subjects. Our learning methodologies align with the American Heritage School—American Fork Campus, which has an established track record of over 50 years in partnering with students and parents to achieve educational success. Our carefully selected graders give individual student feedback to help your scholar grow.

Our courses follow a traditional academic calendar, with two semesters every year, starting in August and January. If you just want a few courses, you may choose courses à la carte, and start the courses whenever they fit in with your schedule. Online course content is hosted on the Canvas platform.

Our online school community offers consistent opportunities for social experiences with peers. Students graduating with AHS Worldwide are part of a student body who know and encourage each other. A great way for students to become acquainted with our student body is to attend our Spring Retreat, held every year in American Fork, Utah.

Mentored Live Classes

Courses are most effective when supplemented by live classes with an adult mentor. Our scholars find support and inspiration when sharing their learning journey with peers and a trusted mentor. There are multiple ways to join this mentored experience:

  1. Build or join a local group that selects their own mentors from parents, friends, or community members.
  2. Join a virtual online mentored group through our Mentor Marketplace. ($175-$230/semester)
  3. Be your own students’ mentor in learning.
+ Mentored Live Class
$175-$224 /semester

Want to have a live class?

Join a live virtual class where you meet with other students and a certified mentor on Zoom. Mentors offer deeper instruction, answer questions, and guide discussions with peers.

Course Customizations

+ Graduation Package
$200 /year

Want to Earn a Diploma from AHS Worldwide?

Buy the Grad Advising Pack to get academic advisement, course selection guidance, transcript services, access to graduation-specific classes, and a cap and gown for your graduation ceremony.

MyPace Courses
$149-$244 /semester

Need more flexibility in your schedule?

MyPace courses give you 6 months to complete the semester, with no intermediate due dates. Complete work at your own speed, with the same feedback, grading, and credit on your transcript.
Non-Credit Courses
$49 /semester

Don’t need High School Credit or a Transcript?

Enroll in the Non-Credit course. You get the same faith-filled, accredited curriculum, without grading, at a low price.

Register Now!

To join our community, complete a few simple steps:

  1. Register by creating a free parent account in LiftEd. The LiftEd account allows you to find and contact other AHS Worldwide families are in your area.
  2. Study our Course Catalog and Recommended 4-Year Plan to decide which courses are best for your student.
  3. Enroll in courses through your LiftEd account.
  4. Add a live class through the Mentor Marketplace (if desired).

Go to our Sign Up page for more detailed Instuctions.

2023 AHW Youth Retreat

Director’s Welcome

Interested in helping with Mentored live classes?

Consider if you can facilitate a live virtual or in-person discussion group

You are a diverse group with many gifts, talents, experiences, and education. If you are interested in facilitating virtual or in-person connection between high school students and parents, please fill out the form and we’ll reach out to you. Although we won’t be providing AHS coaches for each class, we’re confident this connection and experience can continue (and even improve) with the effort of our parent community!

Also, we will still be offering our annual adult and youth retreats for all students and parents!

Need access to the old AHS Online 2022-2023 page? Available here through May 2023.

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