AHS Online (7–12)

High-Touch, High-Impact, Fully Accredited Online Education

AHS Online Middle & High programs (For Credit/For Audit) allow students to participate in a fully accredited curriculum by American Heritage School. Unlike most others, this is NOT a “go-it-alone,” independent study experience (although we provide that, too-For Audit). AHS Online Middle & High includes a full, online school with live classes, assignments, and social experiences outside of class. View the FAQs →

Students enjoy the high-touch, high-impact education formerly available only to on-campus students—one that has been academically refined over 50 years—that deepens faith, molds character, and strengthens a love of the providential founding of America. Read Our Educational Philosophy →

 We are now accepting applications for Full-Time and A La Carte (Live and MyPace) students for the 2022-2023 school year. 

– For Credit (Middle/High)

High-Touch, Accredited,
Academic Experience

Students participate in a fully accredited, diploma-granting path through American Heritage School. Each week, students meet live online with their class and teacher for each course. Additionally, students can schedule one-on-one math support—daily if they need it. Every student receives a one-on-one consultation every other week with each of their teachers, feedback on assignments, grades, and transcripts.

– Feature Comparison

Quickly see benefits at a glance
Offering/Student Type
For Credit
Live Class
Due Dates
Full-time Live * * * * * *
A-La-Carte Live * * * * * *
A-La-Carte My Pace * * * *
A-La-Carte Credit Recovery * * *

*Admission is required. Start Admissions Process →

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