Family School (K–12)

The most simple solution for the busiest of LDS homeschool moms (and dads)

Family School is a one-of-a-kind resource for LDS families who are searching for a simple and effective solution for teaching children of multiple ages, together! The outcomes of blending the gospel with strong academics is something you really have to experience first-hand. Fortunately, our Free Membership now provides access to over 60 courses! That’s a LOT of free content!

We know that busy homeschool moms don’t have time for lengthy daily prep. Enjoy 2000+ scripted open-and-go and/or video-based lessons to provide your children with the sweet and unique learning experiences of the heart and mind that come only by “study and also by faith.” You’re in for a treat, and we couldn’t be more excited for you!

The Family Schooling Suite of Curriculum

Free Membership

HeartStart Preschool

HeartStart Preschool is exactly what it’s named—an education of the heart—and that’s the start we want…more

Character Core

Character Core (K–8)

Our Character Core offering includes over 30 K–8 courses in history, science, literature, geog…more

High School (9-12)

How about 36 high school-level courses…for free!? Many of these courses are elevated K–8 Character Core courses to…more

UNLIMITED Membership



StudentGo videos are part of our unlimited, premium membership in Family School and provide students (and parents)…more

I Master Math

After several years of internal research, a small team of math experts at American Heritage School decided to build…more


I Love Language

Creating a comprehensive language arts program is not for the faint of heart, and it’s likely why very few organizations…more

Plans & pricing

Family School
Per Family
2,000+ Complete Lesson Plans
Complete HeartStart Preschool
K–8 (32 courses)
9–12 (36 courses)
10,000+ Searchable Resources
Unlimited Family School
Per Family (Regularly $59)
Everything in FREE, plus:
Lesson Videos
I Master Math (9 levels)
I Love Language (9 levels)
Retreat Invitation
2024-25 MicroMiddle School
Per Student
Full Academic Curriculum
Daily Coached Class
Accredited Services
Events & Activities
Interactive Learning Platform