Family School (K–8)

Family School: The Most Simple Solution for the Busy LDS Homeschool Mom

Family School is a one-of-a-kind resource for LDS families who are searching for a simple and effective solution for teaching children of multiple ages, together! The outcomes of blending the gospel into strong academics is something you really have to experience first-hand. Fortunately, we offer a Free Membership that provides access to three complete courses, plus a lot more!

Busy homeschool moms are provided with ready-made lessons that require very little preparation. Enjoy a rich and engaging experience teaching providential history, classic literature, engaging science, exploration geography, and beautiful art and music, each day. And perhaps most exciting, we’ve recently added a new K–8 math and language arts program that is included for free with all Family School memberships!

– Parent-Led Lesson Plans

Ready-To-Go Lesson Plans with
Resources, Flashcards, & more!

—Included in your Family School Membership.—

Ready-made lessons allow for a simple, yet impactful, parent-led experience. Parents can choose between an “open-n-go” 20–25 minute experience that is great for families with younger children, or when time is short, or a “deep dive” 45–60 minute experience. Additionally, most of our parent resources and all student consumables are available for free download and self-printing—or at our cost from the print store. Family School lessons support you in the way that works best for your family and sets up you for success!

– HeartStart Preschool

Give your child a strong foundation
For Lifelong learning!

—Included in your Family School Membership.—

HeartStart Preschool is our gift to you! We know how critical these foundational years are, and getting started in the right direction is essential. It’s not a difficult task to find preschool programs that teach letter sounds, names and formation, or shapes, colors, and numbers. HeartStart Preschool redefines preschooling with the fundamental belief that learning at any age (and perhaps especially in preschool) should focus on the heart and a genuine love of learning. Learning should be active, fun…and even taste good!

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