AHS On-Campus (K–12)

Character. Scholarship. Liberty.

At American Heritage School, students learn the importance of developing Christian character and have many opportunities to do so. Religious and moral education is incorporated daily in every class and every subject—not viewed as a separate subject restricted to a separate location.

Students read a wide variety of literature from Shakespeare to Tolstoy to the Prophet Joseph Smith. Literature selections from original source materials teach moral truths, model virtue, and uphold the highest academic standards.

A providential view of history is taught as a subject and is also woven into every subject through the use of timelines in each classroom.  History begins in premortality, continues through the chronology of the Bible and Book of Mormon, encompasses both world and American history, and points toward the Second Coming of Christ.

Character development, academic excellence, and college preparation are all addressed through the “4R-ing” method: research, reason, relate, and record. Through 4R-ing, students don’t just memorize and regurgitate information. They learn to critically read and understand difficult texts, reason and discern between truth and error, apply truths learned to their own lives, and write coherently and persuasively.

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