Youth (11-18) Ticket | Inaugural 2024 AHS Family Retreat


Join us for an exhilarating experience from June 4th–7th at the 2024 Inaugural AHS Family Retreat! This event is a celebration of being “all together” in person and enjoying the most uplifting summer fun. As a part of our unique inaugural, first ever, FAMILY retreat, we will offer 3 separate tracks — The Adult Track (replacing our Spring Retreat), the Youth Track, and The Children Track (which must accompanied by a parent at each event.

Our Youth Track for this year features a trip to Splash Summit Waterpark, thrilling night games such as capture the flag and light-up ultimate frisbee, and adventurous hike, a service project, a professional “all family” improv comedy show by “The Johnson Files”, a day trip to SLC, a captivating variety show, a dance, inspiring speakers, a testimony meeting,and an unforgettable Morningside with Hank Smith! Get ready to have a blast!

**For youth turning 12 through 18 years old in 2024. Those turning 12 and 13 will enjoy a movie night instead of the dance (movie poll below). Meals will be provided starting Monday night. Breakfast will be up to whomever the youth are staying with each night (more info on hosting below).**

Parent/Guardian (to whom we'll send further retreat details)

Emergency Contact

Primary Care Physician

Movie Preferences

While the older youth are at the dance, the younger youth (12 &13) will be watching a movie.

Willing to Volunteer?

Every year we are so grateful for the handful of parents that so kindly volunteer to help us serve food, run errands, lead games, and provide additional chaperoning. If you are interested, please indicate so and we will send you a sign up sheet with more details.

Need Hosting?

If you need to find a place for your youth to stay each night of the retreat, you have two options:

    1). We encourage parents to find their own hosting with relatives, friends, or other AHS Worldwide families and to work out compensation for food and gas themselves. This helps us keep the cost down for the retreat as the amount of students coming increases.

    2). If you can't find your own hosting, we are typically able to find a handful of amazing families that are each willing to host about 3 to 6 youth and give them rides to and from the retreat each day. We charge $75 for each youth that needs hosting ($15 of that goes to coordination and $60 to the host family to help cover food and gas). With this option, you'll need to drop off the luggage at the host's house and then drop off your youth at the retreat for check in at the school. We will no longer be storing luggage at the school. When we finish the retreat you'll need to pick up your youth from the host's house at 8:30 on Friday morning. If your youth are flying to Utah, you'll need to find them a ride from the airport before the retreat and back to the airport after the retreat. If this proves difficult, you might see if your host family is able to help once we've given you their contact info. Every youth will need to bring a sleeping bag and a pillow, at minimum. To learn more, please read "Willing to Host" below.

Willing to Host?

First, thank you for your kindness in helping make this experience possible for our students that need to travel long distances to get here.


  • You will be paid $60 for each youth that you host to help cover the cost of breakfasts and gas.


  • Coordinating with parents to receive the youth's luggage by 2 p.m. on Tuesday, as we will not be storing it at the school this year.
  • Providing breakfast Wednesday–Saturday.
  • Driving them to the school Wednesday–Friday Morning by 9 a.m.
  • Picking them up nightly after events have ended.


  • Strict buddy system day and night with other youth, not host family members.
  • They may sleep in individual beds, shared beds (if they use sleeping bags on top), on couches or on the floor. Sleeping bags and pillows will be on their packing list.
  • Host families may only host youth of one gender and only when there are no other youth of the opposite gender staying there.
  • The use of video games, television, movies, and the internet is discouraged. When media is present, please carefully follow the For the Strength of Youth guidelines.


  • When the retreat is over, parents are responsible for picking up their youth from your home at 8:30 on Saturday morning.

Release of Liability & Waiver

How many youth are you registering?


w/hosting, w/o hosting

Special Dietary Restrictions

Yes, No

Refund Policy: Full refunds will be issued until May 13th, 2024. Contact for assistance.