LiftEd Student Spotlight

Adelynn and Sarah Hoffman

Identical twins, Sarah & Adelynn Hoffman, live in Wellsville, UT. They have 8 older siblings, and are aunts to 11 little ones, soon to be 12! They LOVE helping with their nieces and nephews, enjoying time with their 3 baby goats, bunny, puppy, and kittens. Addy & Sarah love to play and create together with Legos, playmobiles, or writing books together. They often entertain family and friends with their impressive roller-blading shows.

Addie said she loves the really uplifting and wide variety of things LiftEd teaches. Sarah said she appreciates that they teach of Christ and that she can be her whole self there. They both love learning from home and having more flexibility with their schedules (which helps violin and piano lessons & everything else fit in better!) Mom loves having the girls around more, is thrilled over the reading material, and has just seen Sarah and Adelynn come alive and love learning and life more than ever with LiftEd.

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