LiftEd Student Spotlight


Our spotlight this week is emily balsmeier.

Emily Balsmeier is 7 years old. She currently resides in Andover, KS. She has 3 brothers. She enjoys drawing, playing with friends, swimming, jumping on trampolines, playing catch with her brothers, hiking, and reading. She loves going to the beach, playing outside, visiting science centers, playing games, and watching movies with her family. Her favorite colors are pink, purple, and rainbows. She loves to eat cheese pizza, tomatoes, and all the berries. Her favorite thing about LiftEd is the quiz on the Explore Time path. She thinks it’s fun to see her speed, her rank, and if she was correct. She loves seeing the colors brighten after she travels along the path. She has many things she loves about Discover Time and Explore time. Since she can learn at her own pace, she wants to stay at home and do LiftEd forever!

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