Power Hour

Power Hour is a time where K–8 students connect with content, with each other, and with great teachers for a fun and uplifting hour that parents don’t have to plan and direct! Gather your children around each day for a history, literature, science, geography, art, or music discussion. They will dive deep into the subject of the day, exercise with Coach Yahosh, participate in student sharing, join a read-aloud session, play Kahoot!—and much more.

Power Hour involves children from ages two to tween. You really have to see it to believe it—the magic of siblings and friends coming together online to experience superior academics and receive spiritual insights.

To join Power Hour, sign up for a Family School monthly or lifetime membership—then add the Power Hour service to your account for each child participating (under age 5 is free). We’ll have several morning and afternoon times available, so you can find an hour that works best for your family.

Our Teachers & Courses

History with Mr. Ruel

(Restoration, Expansion, and Civil War)

Smiles and greetings from the lovely hills of Pleasant Grove, Utah, where my wife Tresa and I live. We have seven children and three grandchildren. The Lord, through a very unconventional education path, brought me to American Heritage School where I have been happily teaching for thirteen years and I am looking forward to many more to come. I learned very quickly that understanding and teaching principles and truths of law and love, particularly when it comes to protecting and honoring the family, is my life’s mission and my desire is to honor our Heavenly Father in all I say and do.


Literature with Mrs. Kristy

(Strengthening Character)

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with minors in Music and Marriage Family Human Development. While attending school, I had the opportunity to participate in a study abroad program to learn literacy techniques in the New Zealand school system. After teaching both first and third grades, I started a family with my husband, Rob (who teaches music at American Heritage School). We have three boys and one girl. While balancing the demands of motherhood, I have continued to work as an online teacher for VIPKid teaching English to children in China in the early morning hours. I enjoy traveling, playing the piano, interior design, and spending time with my family. I am always looking for new family field trips and activities to explore together.

Science with Coach Yahosh


I was born the fifth of eight children in Las Vegas, NV. I come from an accomplished musical heritage. My wife Vanessa and I have 2 boys and a girl. Malachi 10, Samaiah 6, and Nehemiah 4.
Currently I am a co host on BYUtv’s Family Rules and a teacher and Athletic Director at American Heritage School. In addition, I am a recording performing artist. I have shared the stage with Gladys Knight, Steven Sharp Nelson from The Piano Guys, Alex Boyé, and many others.
Recently I starred in the movie called Green Flake, which is an award-winning film soon to hit the stores! I currently run my own YouTube channel and encourage all hip hop, R&B, and music lovers to subscribe. My love of music is rooted in my faith. I look forward to sharing the gift of music “to bring the spirit into every performance.”

Afua 2a

Geography with Mrs. Afua

(South America)

I am British with a rich Ghanaian heritage. I was born and raised in London, UK, graduating from Bournemouth University in Business and a Masters in Information Technology. I am currently in the throes of a doctorate program in Instructional Design Performance and Technology. I taught for several years at Challenger school until my oldest son graduated and we decided to move all four of our sons to American Heritage school. When I am not working or studying, I love to entertain friends and family with healthy food and laughter.

Art with Mrs. Abbie

(Art of the Reformation & Dutch Golden Age)

After a lifetime as a driven homeschooler myself, I attended Brigham Young University and graduated in Theater Arts Education. I am passionate about storytelling, laughing, family, and individual connections—especially in teaching. I am thrilled to be using my broad skill set at American Heritage to write scripts, record lessons, and coach Power Hour, as I help build the worldwide homeschool empire—I mean, community. My husband and I love making music and hosting epic Halloween parties, and are excited for our first child to be born this coming January.

Jake Ernest

Music with Mr. Jake

(Music—Impossible to Silence!)

I am from Culver, Oregon. A very small town in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Oregon. I did a bachelor’s degree at BYU Idaho and served a mission to British Columbia, Canada as well. I have a master’s in education and I’m currently working on a PhD in Self-efficacy and religious narrative. I also love acting and performing in various ways whether it be through improvisational theater or storytelling. I have a great devotion to my faith in God and consider that my absolute number one priority. I also likes pancakes with sliced up hot dogs in them and will try and convince anyone of their goodness.

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