New Liberty through Law Course

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New Liberty through Law Course

American Heritage Worldwide is excited to announce a new course that is coming soon to LiftEd and to the Family School. This course is called Liberty Through Law. It is a course focused on the United States Constitution, but it contains more than just that. This course teaches eternal, true principles and philosophies of liberty, freedom, agency, law, and rights and how these principles are relevant all throughout history and in the present. Other topics will include property, constitutions around the world, and the need for every generation to fight for freedom.  

Principles of Liberty are Central to American Heritage  

These principles of liberty are central to the mission and focus of American Heritage. Grant Beckwith, Head of School, explained,  

“Liberty comes through adhering to principles that create a society where the Spirit can be. Where the Spirit is, there is liberty, and God is the source of liberty. Our inalienable rights come from Him.” Mr. Beckwith also stated that the United States Constitution flowed from eternal, correct principles which are outlined in the Declaration of Independence. When our children study and implement these principles in their lives, they will become better disciples and children of God.  

 American Heritage Worldwide 

 Of course, we are American Heritage Worldwide, and our students live in many countries besides the United States. Mr. Beckwith explained that the Constitution is the mechanism that implemented the philosophy of the United States government, and that this philosophy belongs to all of God’s children because it was inspired by the political textbook of the Founders, the Bible.  

President Dallin H. Oaks and many others have spoken about the universal importance of this philosophy and these principles. President Oaks said that the US Constitution is “a common heritage of constitutions around the world” (Oaks, 2021).  Additionally, the Doctrine and Covenants explains that the men and women who established the Constitution were prepared by God to do so for all flesh. These principles are unchanging and true.   

Constitutional Philosophy is Spiritual and Academic 

It is obvious that the Constitutional philosophy and the principles of freedom are not simply academic concept. They are spiritual at root. Mr. Beckwith stated, “Christ is Liberty, Christ is Law, and Christ is good government. The government shall be upon His shoulders. If our students can understand that, they will have a different, deeper understanding of the Constitution than many Constitutional lawyers.” 

A Process 

Finally, our students will learn that getting to “a more perfect union” is a continual process. Each generation must stand up for liberty and fight for their rights and the rights of others. We are so excited for this course and the blessing it will be to learn these essential concepts in a gospel-centered context. American Heritage’s Constitution and Civility Center also has a live Constitutional Debate Series which is available for families. It can be found here.  

Written by Clarissa Tekeiaki



American Heritage School, 2023.

Oaks, 2021. 


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