Love at American Heritage Worldwide

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Love at American Heritage Worldwide

In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate the love that goes into, and comes out of, American Heritage Worldwide. Love is the foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the foundation of someone’s motivation to give their children a wonderful, faith-filled, academically-rigorous education. Here are seven ways that I have seen love at American Heritage Worldwide:

  1. We love applying truth to our lives.

    Our curriculum follows the American Heritage School 4R-ing method, which stands for research, reason, relate, and record. Our students discover new knowledge, but they don’t stop there. They reason and discern between truth and error, and they relate these truths to themselves. They learn to love applying truth in their lives.

  2. We love our subject matter.

    Our learn history, science, literature, world studies, and so much more. Our parents teach with an energetic love for these subjects, and our students love exploring all of this amazing knowledge.

  3. We love principles of freedom. 

    At American Heritage Worldwide, we love principles of freedom! We love to teach our children the power and the sanctity of their liberty and agency and how they can use them for good.

  4. We love the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

    This school is unique in all the world because we teach gospel principles right along with secular topics. We love the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we teach our children to love it as well.

  5. We love each other. 

    Although we are a worldwide organization spread out across miles and time zones and oceans, we love getting to know each other. Our families reach out in love to strengthen and befriend each other and our children meet each other virtually and form lasting friendships. We love to gather and learn together.

  6. We love our families. 

    One of the most powerful parts about the mission of American Heritage Worldwide is the aid it gives to individual families. Parents grow in love their children as they spend time with them discussing important topics and truths. Children love their parents. Siblings learn together and love each other. Everything we do is focused on the family.

  7. We love American Heritage Worldwide. 

    Many of our families love to share the blessings they’ve seen come from the programs of American Heritage Worldwide. This program meets their important needs, and it facilitates great learning and that joy.

I hope you can recognize the love in your homeschooling journey and your family. Share that love with those who matter to you!  Happy Valentines Day!

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