LiftED – Coming Fall 2022

(Limited seats available.)


LiftEd isn’t homeschool, it isn’t online school…at least not the way you know it. It’s something different—something much more engaging, simple, connected, and affordable—and it’s coming this fall 2022. We call it LiftEd, because it lifts sights, hearts, minds, and spirits in ways families have never seen. It lifts children, parents, families, and communities in ways you can only experience firsthand.

It’s online, but you’re never alone. It doesn’t require any prep or presentation, but mom is still highly connected in the ways that matter most (and so is dad and grandma and grandpa, by the way). It begins in the home, but ends in local, in-person connection, friendship, and support. It’s an experience, not a curriculum—one that is highly social, academically refined, and full of adventure, faith, and agency. It’s LiftEd.

Beneath THIS TREE (a mini-documentary)

(Limited seats available.)

it doesn’t have to be another job for mom.
LiftED Objectives
Plans & Pricing
Study group

Students join a live study group every Monday–Thursday with other students of similar age to learn and explore at their level…together!

power hour+

Students join a live class every Monday–Thursday with their Learning Coach to explore, share, work, go deeper, and have fun…together!

LiftED Pricing_jedit
what’s in it for lifted “Founding Families?”
Keep your discount
for LIFE!
If we build it on LiftED, you get it! *
Version 1, 2, 3, and
so on…it’s yours!

* Courses, not services

Improvements coming to Power Hour!
Exclusive Registration

(Limited seats available.)

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