Inaugural 2024 AHS Family Retreat

One Retreat, three tracks for the ultimate family experience!

Registration Closes June 1st

Join us for an exhilarating experience from June 4th–7th at the 2024 Inaugural AHS Family Retreat! This event is a celebration of being “all together” in person and enjoying the most uplifting summer fun. As a part of our unique inaugural, first ever, FAMILY retreat, we will offer 3 separate tracks — The Adult Track (replacing our Spring Retreat), the Youth Track, and The Children Track (which must accompanied by a parent at each event.

In our Adult Track, you can expect an impressive lineup of speakers, motivation presenters, engaging round-table discussions, a professional improv comedy show for all ages by “The Johnson Files,” delightful meals, and social/educational experiences that promise to elevate and inspire your summer!

Our Youth Track for this year features a trip to Splash Summit Waterpark, thrilling night games such as capture the flag and light-up ultimate frisbee, and adventurous hike, a service project, a professional “all family” improv comedy show by “The Johnson Files”, a day trip to SLC, a captivating variety show, a dance, inspiring speakers, a testimony meeting, and an unforgettable Morningside with Hank Smith! Get ready to have a blast!

The Children’s Track offers a daily schedule designed for guardians (who are not retreat attendees) and young children to join other retreat families in engaging daily activities. While there is no need to purchase retreat tickets for this track, guardians are responsible for acquiring tickets for the suggested daily activities. Kindly use the provided link to register, allowing us to plan activities based on the number of registrants.

**For youth turning 12 through 18 years old in 2024. Those turning 12 and 13 will enjoy a movie night instead of the dance (movie poll below). Meals will be provided starting Monday night. Breakfast will be up to whomever the youth are staying with each night (more info on hosting below).**
Youth (11-18)
Children (0-11)
When June 4-6, 2024 June 4-7, 2024 June 4-7, 2024 (optional Agenda)
Schedule Adult Schedule Youth (11-18) Schedule Children (0-11) Optional Schedule

Coming Soon!

Price $199 w/ meals | $129 w/o meals $379 Registration required, no purchase available
Early Bird
(until Feb 29th)
$165 w/ meals | $109 w/o meals $329 Registration required, no purchase available
Theme All Together Now Stronger Together All Together Now
Swag Adult Shirt, Notebook, Pen, Drawstring Bag Youth Shirt, Notebook, Pen, Drawstring Bag
Hank Smith

Hank, a renowned keynote presenter, has delivered impactful speeches at international programs, universities, school assemblies, and diverse forums worldwide. As a bestselling author, his notable works include books and audio CDs such as “Be Happy,” “Unconquerable,” and “Running Down Your Dreams.” Hank’s influential messages center on fostering high-trust cultures and their profound impact on achievement, serving as a source of inspiration for leaders, employees, and students striving for excellence in both life and work. Known for his engaging presentations filled with happiness, humor, and motivational insights, Hank has earned acclaim for his ability to captivate audiences. Holding an MBA from Utah State University and a Ph.D. from Brigham Young University, Hank combines academic expertise with practical experience. Beyond his consulting roles with companies and families, he has also been featured at nationwide programs, University Education Weeks, and various forums across the country.

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Dr. Leonard Sax

Dr. Sax is a renowned expert in child and adolescent development, who has shared his insights in the United States and also internationally in countries like Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain, and Switzerland. With over 460 visits since 2001, he has engaged with a diverse range of institutions, including schools, universities, juvenile justice facilities, communities of faith, and parent groups. His expertise has also been sought by various media outlets, with appearances on major platforms such as the TODAY Show, CNN, National Public Radio, PBS, Fox News, and international networks.

Residing in Chester County, Pennsylvania, with his wife and daughter, Dr. Sax balances his professional endeavors with family life, while continuing to see patients in his local practice. He remains dedicated to education and advocacy, leading workshops for an array of professionals—teachers, psychologists, social workers, physicians, and more—who interact with children and teenagers. This commitment underscores his holistic approach to improving the well-being and development of young people.

John Hilton III

John Hilton III, currently a Professor of Religious Education at Brigham Young University, shares his life journey with his wife Lani and six children, having experienced living in various locations such as Boise, Boston, Miami, Mexico, Jerusalem, and China. With a Master’s degree from Harvard and a Ph.D. from BYU, both in Education, John is not only an accomplished academic but also a prolific author, contributing to several publications, including the book “Considering the Cross: How Calvary Connects Us with Christ.” Additionally, he is the creator of the video course and podcast “Seeking Jesus.” Beyond his academic pursuits, John is passionate about teaching, reading, spending quality time with his family, engaging in humanitarian work, snowboarding, and practicing magic tricks. Notably, he has developed a “Book of Mormon Masterclass,” a complimentary course designed to facilitate a profound study of the Book of Mormon, aimed at bringing individuals closer to Jesus Christ through professional guidance.

Johnson Files
The Johnson Files

The Johnson Files Comedy Club is a laughter haven that has become a cornerstone of comedic entertainment, leaving audiences in stitches night after night. Founded by the ever-witty duo, Shaun and Nicole Johnson, this comedy club has transcended the ordinary to offer a unique blend of humor that caters to all ages. Nestled in the heart of Utah County, the team has earned a reputation for hosting some of the most talented and diverse stand-up comedians, including many from BYU TV, promising an uproarious experience for every visitor. With a commitment to family fun, the Johnson Files Comedy Club strives to bring people together through shared laughter, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere where comedy becomes a communal experience. Prepare for a night of side-splitting laughter, memorable moments, and a camaraderie that reinforces the belief that life is indeed better when enjoyed with a hearty dose of humor.

Shannon foster
Shannon Foster

Shannon is a wife and a mother. She taught seminary for 13 years full-time in Salt Lake before retiring at eight months pregnant! While teaching she went through the process of learning how to have meaningful scripture study and find the scriptures as a great source of strength. She also learned the importance of teaching with power by constantly coming up with ways for the students to learn for themselves. While teaching she was continually searching for great visual aids to help teach important doctrines. She found that they were hard to find so she began this website in order to produce these things for teachers and parents all over the world. She has written over twenty books to help people study the scriptures and creates helps for people to study and teach the “Come, Follow Me” chapters in their homes.  Shannon and her husband, Tyson, have two amazing children. 

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Yahosh Bonner

Yahosh is the current Athletic Director at AHS (AF Campus) with a background in basketball coaching and education. Previously, he held roles such as Director of Basketball Operations at Southern Utah University and Head Varsity Basketball Coach at American Leadership Academy. Yahosh, a second-generation member of the Latter-Day Saint faith, completed a mission in Tampa, Florida. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Communications from the University of Northern Colorado and Southern Utah University, respectively. Recognized as the Big Sky Conference Defensive Player of the Year in basketball, Yahosh is also involved in track and football. Beyond athletics and education, he has a passion for singing and acting, as seen in the Bonner family’s original composition “I Am Here” and a duet titled “One Call Away.” Yahosh and his wife, Vanessa, are proud parents of three sons and one daughter.

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